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Neighbourhood Welcoming Scheme

Neighbourhood Welcoming Scheme

Love your neighbour as yourself” the second great Commandment (Mark 12:31)

In Ecclesall the six churches have the opportunity of welcoming their neighbour who has recently moved into the area through the Welcoming Scheme. This Scheme has been running for eight years or more. We have produced a Welcome Leaflet with information about Ecclesall – surgeries, dentists, chemists, Post Offices, buses, etc – as well as details of the churches and their services.

The Welcomer will call with the leaflet to welcome the new neighbours and ask if there is anything else that the newcomer would like to know eg wheelie or blue bin day, Brownies or Cub Packs, or whatever, and will put their own name on the leaflet in case any further contact is wanted. The idea is simply to be friendly and available if needed.

At Banner Cross we are needing a Welcomer to look out for newcomers on

Talmont Road, Banner Cross Drive, Banner Cross Road and the bottom of Psalter Lane, up as far as Baldwin’s Omega.

If you would like to take on this occasional but very sociable role, (or if you have recently moved into the area and have not received a leaflet,) please contact one of the coordinators listed below.

Also, if you are aware that a newcomer has arrived in your neighbourhood, please tell your church representative who will then ensure a leaflet, and a welcome, is delivered.


All Saints Cof E Church Michael Granger 236 6167

Banner Cross Methodist Church Jackie Dunn 236 7761

Bents Green Methodist Church Daphne Teare 281 5335

St Gabriels’ C of E Church Margaret Basher 266 7290

St William’s RC Church Maureen Astill 236 5903


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