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Caring and Serving


The Church is the Body of Christ and as each member of the church is part of the same body we care for each and every other member.

Our caring does not stop at church members, but as a sign of God’s love for us, we reciprocate that love in caring for a broken world, that needs reconciliation and healing.  It is a vital part of our ministry and, though we each bring different gifts and abilities, it remains an essential component of every disciple’s task.


Caring for others calls us to service:-


- By helping in church to assist with the running of the church and carrying out its mission.


-Volunteers are required for the many jobs that ensure the smooth running of the church. If you are interested in volunteering in church go to our volunteering page.


- By being a good neighbour in the community, and challenging injustice.


-Some of our members help at the Archer Project serving breakfast and talking to homeless people.


-We are a Fairtrade Church making sure that where possible the products we use are fairly traded.


-We encourage our members actively take part in campaigns on injustice and the environment run by Christian Aid and other organisations. By doing this we are helping other people live better lives. An e-mail from Christian Aid to one of our members shows how effective this can be.


- Aubrey Emmerson has received an M.B.E. for his services to the community.



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Aubrey Emerson M.B.E.
Aubrey Emerson received his M.B.E. for his work for RETHINK.
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Campaigning Brings Results
Campaigning is a valuable tool in fighting injustice.

Cathedral Archer Project
The Cathedral Archer Project is a Sheffield based charity helping the homeless and vulnerable.

Volunteering - In Church
There are a large number of jobs in the church which require volunteers.