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Banner Cross Methodist Church is committed to making the church a safer space for children and vulnerable adults.

A Safeguarding Group meet regularly to discuss issues that have arisen and changes in legislation. If necessary these are reported to church council. It also puts on two training sessions a year to raise awareness within the church of safeguarding issues.

The following recommendations of the Safeguarding Group were approved by Church Council on 3 July 2011:

The Church Council adopts the "Methodist Church’s Statement of Safeguarding Principles."

The Church Council adopts the "Policy for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults" as updated to reflect current guidance from the Methodist Church.

The Church Council adopts the "Responsibilities For Safeguarding Children and Young People."

The Church Council adopts the "Responsibilities For Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults."

The Church Council approves the "Safeguarding Checklist".

The Church Council takes particular note of the following clause of Policy for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults:

c) Appointment and training of workers

Workers will be appointed after a satisfactory CRB disclosure. Each worker will be expected to undergo basic safeguarding training, within the first year of appointment. The other training needs of each worker will be considered (e.g. food hygiene, first aid, lifting and handling, etc.) and each worker will have an annual review conducted by a named member of the Church Council and another worker within the organisation

In accordance with the latest connexional guidance (Recruiting Safely, Oct 2010) the Church Council reaffirms its policy that Creating Safer Space: Module A training must be completed by all those undertaking to work with children and young people.

The Group produced a revised Children and Young People's Safeguarding Handbook which was agreed at Church Council on 5 November 2012.

Next Training Sessions


The Methodist Safeguarding Handbook

The aim of the new Methodist Church Safeguarding policy “is to create Christian communities of love and care, where good practice in this area becomes a way of life,” and to meet the requirements of new legislation and government guidance.
The handbook is divided into five parts – Safeguarding Children and Young People, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Guidance to Prevent Domestic Abuse/Violence, Model Safeguarding Policies and Recruiting Safely. Only the first section has been dealt with by the Church to date.

A copy of the handbook will be placed on the shelves under the pigeonholes or a copy can be down loaded from the Methodist Church website: http://www.methodist.org.uk/ministers-and-office-holders/safeguarding






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