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Letters from Tim

Dear friends,

I have come to dislike the phrase the ‘new normal’. We hear it used too often in every context and it suggests that it is a commodity which we can pull off the shelves and begin to experience.  The reality is that no one knows, or can tell, how and in what ways our lives will be like in the future. Indeed, it suggests that there will be a time when Covid 19 ceases to be a factor in our lives. We hope that is so, but we may have to live with it.

In the period between Easter and Pentecost, we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Spirit in a new way. God pours out his Spirit, his energy, his life in even more ways than before. Like at the resurrection of Jesus, there is a breaking out from the confines of the tomb and nothing can tame, control, or restrict God’s purposes let loose on creation.

The Spirit, like the wind, cannot be seen but the effect it has certainly can. And so in this experience of lockdown, when it may look as if the church is shut up and closed, the reality is that the church is more at work than ever. As the scattered church, the people of God get on with the everyday ministry from their homes; if they are working in their work, on their phones and computers. So we might not be able to meet for fellowship and worship, but new ways and patterns of worshipping are discovered, new ways of relating and caring are lived out, new ways of ensuring that food banks are open, essential services are maintained, and there is a new sense of belonging with neighbours and the local community.

This week, in Bents Green we are trying out a pre-recorded service for the first time. Banner Cross are exploring ways of virtually meeting each other in greater numbers by Zoom. New signs of life and hope, overcoming some of the challenges in these days.  For that is the promise of God, to be with us, to show new ways through the risks and challenges we face.

But the biggest prayer for which we pray is that there can be a coming together, overcoming the current enforced separation, so that what is virtual can become real again. Thus we are like those early disciples waiting for that release from God which changed the world for ever.

So we are called to be a patient people, praying for the coming of the Spirit to lead us in new ways, bringing life and hope togetherness and unity in a broken and anxious world.



Funeral Roger Dunn

The funeral service will take place at Hutcliffe Wood at 1.30pm on Friday 22nd May. This will be for the close family only due to the current restrictions. But there will be a thanksgiving service at Banner Cross when it is possible. 

Meeting by Zoom Sunday 17th May 4pm

As referred to in the letter we wish to explore ways of including as many of us to virtually meet by Zoom. You do need a computer with a camera and microphone so not all will be able to access this.

WE are going to trial this on this coming Sunday at 4pm.

 If you download the Zoom app onto your device and follow the instructions. At the time of the meeting click on the link and follow the instructions. With a bit of luck, it should work.

This is the link Zoom

Meeting ID: 820 1200 8247

Password: 963625

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