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Children and Youth Activities

The church provides the following children's and youth activities -

Creche, Messy Church, Little Fish Parent and Toddler Group.

The church supports the following children's and youth activities on the premises -

Rainbows91st Banner Cross Brownies28th Banner Cross Guides

Other children's activities are held on the premises and are run by organisations not connected with the church.

The church has approved a Safeguarding Policy and Safeguarding Handbook which it monitors and reviews regularly. It ensures that the activities it supports have safeguarding policies and encourages those hiring rooms to adopt their own safeguarding policies.

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Little Fish Enquiry
This is a request to bring your child to Little Fish.

28th Banner Cross Guides
The Guides meet on Friday night

Banner Cross Rainbows
Banner Cross Rainbows meet on Friday night

91st Banner Cross Brownies
The Brownies meet on Friday night.

Little Fish Parent and Toddler Group
This group meets on Monday during term time.
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