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Updated 1st April 2020


God of all hope we call on you today.
We pray for those who are living in fear:
Fear of illness, fear for loved ones, fear of other's reactions to them.
May your Spirit give us a sense of calmness and peace.

We pray for your church in this time of uncertainty.
For those people who are worried about attending worship.
For those needing to make decisions in order to care for other
For those who will feel more isolated by not being able to attend.
Grant us your wisdom.

Holy God, we remember that you have promised that
Nothing will separate us from your love — demonstrated to us in Jesus Christ.
Help us turn our eyes, hearts and minds to you.



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The charity we are supporting from March to May is the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, who manage nature reserves, run conservation projects, and deliver environmental education activities. Their vision is to see a Living Landscape – an amazing, green landscape for the wildlife and people of Sheffield and Rotherham – which is understood, enjoyed and cared for by local people and organisations. www.wildsheffield.com 

Christian Aid for Displaced Refugees in Lebanon and Iraq Is the charity we are supporting to raise £5000 over 2 years and donations are greatly appreciated.

The Archer Project is in need of a continuing supply of Pot Noodles, tinned fish or fruit with ring pulls and breakfast cereals. Don’t forget to support the Food Bank with an extra item when you do your shopping. Please donate unwanted clean clothing/shoes/blankets/sleeping bags to Ben’s Centre via Alan Brailey.

Thank you for your continued support to all these charities.

Coronavirus Guidance

See link below to Methodist Church Guidance, resources & latest guidance.


Coronavirus & Pastoral Care Ay this time please be aware of any vulnerable people & help in any way we can. If you feel vulnerable or anxious PLEASE contact someone from church. We are here to help. The church buildings will remain open until advised otherwise by the government or the Methodist Church


Reading the Bible in a Year

If you have taken up this challenge, please join us after the morning service today on Sunday 8th March in the Quiet Room for a short time to share and encourage one another. It doesn't matter if you are totally up-to-date, or way behind, learning lots, or really struggling to understand, please come and share your experience. Also, if you want to be kept informed of future gatherings for those who are trying all or part of the challenge, please pass your name on to Rachel.

I am making wheat-heat bags with the beautiful smelling Norfolk lavender. They are £7 each and the money raised is being split between Sheflap and our church charity. Please see me if you'd like one. Paula 


News from Mr and Mrs Pilate

Pilate had experienced ‘just one of those days at the office’ and was glad to get home to his wife.

‘How was your day at the office dear?’

Pilate explained what had happened.” Caiaphas the high priest passed the buck so I had to deal with the issue myself. I know Jesus was innocent, but you should have seen the crowd, they were baying for his blood. I wanted to let Barabbas die instead but the people just cried out "Crucify Jesus. Crucify Jesus. I gave instructions to have Jesus whipped but still this did not satisfy the crowd, they just got louder and louder. "

 “You mean there was no legal hearing and no reasonable charge, Ponty?” (That’s what Pilate’s wife called him).

 “I really was determined to release him because in all fairness, I wanted to do the right thing! But I had no choice, it was as if it was decreed already in the stars”.

 ‘“Well that was a bit harsh dear, I’m not sure you’ve done the right thing – After all, I do think Jesus may have offered hope.  You should really have given my dream more consideration rather than being influenced by the baying crowds, they sway one way then the other. I think you may live to regret the decision to crucify him."

There was a long silence, which Pilate’s wife broke “here’s your gin and tonic and do you want red or white with your meal?” It seemed that maybe she was going to let the issue rest.

Pilate sat sipping his gin thinking about the dream his wife had and what he had done.

Then after another period of silence it was again broken by Pilate’s wife “I warned you NOT to have anything to do with the death of this innocent man. I told you my horrible dream about going to hell to be tormented 'til eternity. I’m sure you'll rue the day you ever did this. You'd better find a way of getting a reprieve for him.”

“Too late my dear” was Pilates reply,  “The deed is done, I gave my word that Barabbas would be freed so Jesus has to carry the can – after all he did nothing to help himself did he, he just stood there, quiet, head down saying nothing – if ever there was a time to justify himself and tell us exactly what he was all about, this was it –but no, he stayed silent. – So now, there’s no going back, it is finished.

‘Well you can’t say I didn’t  warn you about this, now you and ME are going have to live with this decision you made. Here's another nice Messiah you've gotten me into!"

“That’s clever dear – Messiah”

"I’ll give you clever, you stupid man, you're sleeping on your own tonight. After that dream I told you I had, you did nothing, just  ignored it! Now we’ll probably need to flee the city and this guilt will stay with us for ever. "

 She continued giving Pilate a right ear-full. All he could do was sit and take it, he knew he was wrong, he should have listened to her and stood up for what was right. He remembered also having a dream where he met a Galilean, “yes that was the man and a warning, what might I have started?  - oops.”

 Written from contributions from Brian Speed’s class;
                                                                       Kathy, Lorna, Hazel, Richard, Kathryn, Alison, Kate

Recent message from Robert Lewis

Hello friends,
I am sad to let you know that Bex and I are going to postpone our wedding celebration.


You would hardly believe the amazing things we had planned for our celebration together: tigers jumping through flaming hoops, drinks served by monkeys on roller skates, hippos dancing the salsa while wearing tutus, and our rings delivered on the horn of a unicorn!  We taught our dogs, Sassy and Quincy, to sing a lovely duet of the Lord's Prayer.  We were going to eat burritos and steaks and lobsters and spaghetti and guinea pigs and corn-on-the-cob, and jointly create aerial shows while each wearing jetpacks.  We arranged for the whole waterpark and pool to be converted into a chocolate fountain, and ordered statues of the royal family made of cheese.  The pastor was going to dress like a T-rex, and there would be puppies for everyone to hold...  But then the plague arrived.

We are still getting married at the end of April, and we hope our immediate families will be able to come, but we want to be smart about protecting the health of those we love. Some of you have indicated that you were hoping to come and others let us know that they couldn't be with us, but we hope now that you can all be with us in spirit.  We are sorry that we won't be able to see you, and we hope that we can arrange something else at a later date.

Our hopes and prayers are with each of you. We'd love to hear from you and how you're doing in all of the uncertainty.

Robert and Bex

PS. We hope that you can still enjoy the party in your imagination!



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