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Five Ways To Pray

Prayer: 5 Simple Ways to Pray

The following simple formulas are easy ways to organize a prayer. Select one and try it for seven days. Return to the formula for prayer as often as you can each day. Be sure to allow time to listen to God as well.


A - Adoration - praise God for who God is
C - Confession - own up to our sins
T - Thanksgiving - thank God for all God has done
S - Supplication - make requests for ourselves and others

§ Five-Finger Prayer

Thumb - pray for those closest to me
Pointing finger - pray for those who guide us: teachers, doctors, clergy, counsellors, social workers, mentors
Middle finger (tallest one) - pray for those who stand tall: government, community, and business leaders, police and firefighters
Ring finger (your weakest finger) - pray for those who are weak: the poor, sick, infirm, infants, homeless, and the powerless
Pinkie (the smallest, the least) - pray for me and my needs

§ Take a TRIP with God

Ask the following questions:
T - Thanks: For what am I thankful?
R - Regret: What do I regret, or about what do I feel sorry?
I - Intercession: Whom do I need to pray for?
P - Purpose: What is my purpose or plan? (this day, week, my life)

§ PARTS of Prayer

P - Praise
A - Ask
R - Repent
T - Thank
S – Share

§ The Jesus Prayer

This is an old but easy form of praying – the continuous repetition of the simple prayer, “Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Say it frequently to quiet the mind.

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