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    Updated 4th December 2021


    All Sunday morning services now to be held in the Church building



    Services will commence at

    10.45 am.

    in Room 1


    All are welcome



    Offering weekly services in the building is dependent upon finding enough volunteers for each Sunday morning to steward; show the preacher’s presentation slides and clips, and be on the sound desk; read from the Bible, lead intercessions; and facilitate Holy Communion on occasions.

    Fresh rotas covering Stewarding & Worship have been prepared. Please contact Paula Jones if you would like to volunteer. See News page for further details. 


    Latest Government  Coronavirus Guidance / Poster


    Link to latest Coronavirus guidance



    Preaching Plan for Banner Cross Methodist Church

    Worship starts at 10.45 am




    5th Dec Lawrie Ginn Gift Sunday
    12th Dec J Harding Coffee Room 1
    19th Dec Rev Tim Crome Carol Service
    24th December Brian Speed  Navitingle 5pm
    25th December  Morning Service

    Bents Green 

    10.30 am

    2nd Jan 2022 Harris Coffee Room 1


    The Circuit  Preaching Plan for December 2021 January & February 2022  has now been prepared, full details are available on the Circuit website -

    link below. 

    Link to Circuit Preaching Plan Dec 5 - Feb 27



    The short acts of worship posted-out for those who are not able to come into the church building will now continue until further notice.


    Dear all,

    Please find links to a letter and worship resource below

    We are continuing to serve coffee after the service. In order to do this, the chairs will be around tables to enable the safe consuming of drinks.  I am sure we will find the best way to do this as we try it over the next few weeks.

    This does not mean that the style of service will be café worship.





    Worship Material 5th December 22021 

    Letter from Rev Tim

    Letter from Rev Tim 17th October - Masks in Church








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