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    Updated 5th August 2022


    All Sunday morning services now to be held in the Church building



    Services will commence at

    10.45 am.

    in Room 1


    All are welcome



    Offering weekly services in the building is dependent upon finding enough volunteers for each Sunday morning to steward; show the preacher’s presentation slides and clips, and be on the sound desk; read from the Bible, lead intercessions; and facilitate Holy Communion on occasions.

    The Worship & Welcome rota for the period 14th Aug to 8th January 2023 see Rotas page. Please contact Paula Jones if you would like to volunteer. See News page for further details. 


    Latest Coronavirus Guidance 24th February 2022

    Extract below of the latest Methodist Church Guidance

    What churches might still consider going forward?

    The Government is still encouraging safer behaviours to reduce the risk of infection.  Churches may still wish to consider these to help those using their buildings feel safe and welcome:


    1 Consider letting fresh air in if possible:

    Try to maintain adequate ventilation to rooms, where possible and practical. 


    2 Consider wearing face coverings in areas of high risk:

    It may be suitable in crowded or enclosed spaces, particularly if ventilation is poor, to wear face coverings, particularly where you share spaces with people you do not normally meet.


    3 Considerations if feeling unwell:

    Anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms should still consider taking a test and staying at home and avoiding contact with others if the test is positive.  Particularly if working in higher risk environments or with those who might be vulnerable.


    4 Consider how to encourage ongoing good hygiene practice:

    It may be helpful to continue to provide hand sanitiser in convenient areas for everyone to use; keep established practices of cleaning surfaces touched regularly and rooms with high use by different groups such as toilets and kitchens.  Similarly, continue to encourage good hygiene when considering handling shared objects, communal resources and food & drink.


    Link to current Methodist Church Guidance 24th Feb 2022



    Preaching Plan for Banner Cross Methodist Church

    Worship starts at 10.45 am                       

    The Circuit  Preaching Plan for June to August 2022  has now been prepared, full details are available on the Circuit website -

    link below. 

    Link to Circuit Preaching Plan 5th June - 28th August


    Banner Cross

    PREACHING  PLAN  for JUNE  to AUGUST  (as at 8th June 2022)


    August    7

    To be facilitated by 

    Rachel Tomlinson

    Songs Of Praise

    August   14

    United Service at Millhouses  at 10.30am

       Mr Richard Wilshaw

    August   21

    Rev Peter Edwards

    Holy Communion, Welcoming Millhouses & Carter Knowle

    August   28

    Dr Michael Gagan



    Weekly Rotas

    Link to current Rotas

    Welcome & Worship

    Overheads / Projector


    Saturday Coffee


    Hi everyone,

    The links to a  letter and the worship resource are below.


    Link to Worship Material Sunday 7th August








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