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Covid Guidance - Returning to Chuch

Returning to Church

At the Church Council on 18th August, it was agreed that we begin to open the church buildings from the beginning of September for both our user and community groups and for the congregation.

So on the 6th September, we will have a trial service.  This will give us the chance to put into practice all the Risk Assessment measures we have agreed and to learn from the experience.  The Leadership team will meet two days later to consider when we might have the next service.

It is really important to emphasise that no one should feel obliged to engage in any activity unless they feel comfortable in doing so. Some user groups cannot meet, i.e. lunch club and choirs, others may choose to take longer to return. We will also need to spread activities so that there are not more than one at a time on each level in the church.

So what might you expect to happen if you come on a Sunday? 

There will be a one-way system. You can only enter through the main doors at the front and will exit via the old front doors.

You must wear a face covering.  (Unless you have an exemption)

You will be greeted by someone who will remind you to sanitise your hands on entering the building, you will be invited to read a poster with safety guidelines and you must keep your 2 metre distance from others.

Each time you come, you will be asked to provide your contact details. These will be kept for 3 weeks and then destroyed. This is to provide Track and Trace information, should any cases happen.

You will be shown to a seat, or group of seats, if you are in one household. Please carry any coats, bags and brollies with you at all times.

Toilets – the toilets will be available but with restricted access, one at a time. If you are in Room one, and you need to use the toilet, please leave through the old front doors, re-enter the church the way you came in, sanitising your hands again, and then use the facilities.  Sanitise your hands before and afterwards.

The worship will have no singing, no books or sheets of paper. Neither will there be a collection, please arrange to pay electronically or by standing order.

At this stage there will be no communion.

The service will be shorter than usual, about 40 minutes, and there will be no refreshments afterwards. To avoid crowding you will be invited to leave by a steward. When it is your turn, leave through the old front doors using the one-way system. And you will need to sanitise your hands on leaving.

  • please do not come to church if you have any COVID symptoms or are shielding someone
  • please bring your own mask and wear it correctly once you are inside church; we will have some spares just in case you forget
  • the front and inner doors will remain open during the service to ensure as much air flow as possible, so please wear clothes to keep you warm
  • please bring an umbrella if it looks like rain!
  • please try to arrive well before the 10.45 service start time as you may have to queue to get in and find your seat
  • please bring as few items as possible with you to the service, but do bring bottled water with you if you think you will need a drink

Travel to church           You may require a lift to church, current guidance does not encourage this unless you are in a bubble or single household.  This area has to be left to personal discretion, no one is under any obligation to offer lifts but may choose to do so, following the government guidelines. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-travel-guidance-for-passengers#private-cars-and-other-vehicles

You may wish to arrange a taxi.

If you come by car, parking at the front is for disabled people only. Otherwise parking is at the rear; walk round through the garden to enter the front doors. The back door will not be open and we will not be using the stairs. 

For each Sunday service we will need 8 people on the team to make it safe for everyone. So we will need people to be willing to do this, so if you are willing to help please get in touch with one of the leadership team. We will not be able to open without enough people to make it safe.

We really do understand that many of you will be anxious about attending the service and may want to wait a while longer.  Also, we know some of you will need to stay at home in order to stay safe or to shield someone. 

And finally, don’t worry.  If you forget any of the above; there will be plenty of stewards and helpers to remind us all.   We are all in this together and want to make everyone as comfortable and safe as we possibly can.  In the meantime, please could you pray for all these practical arrangements to work, for those volunteering to steward, operate the sound desk, lead worship etc., for those ‘joining’ remotely, and for all of us to remain safe while we worship God.


If you have any questions about any of this, please do contact one of the leadership team or our minister Tim Crome.









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