Thank You Letter to my sponsors.


Mary Magdalene Bob Lahai

                                                                                46 Kay street, Makenie,

                                                                                 Freetown, Sierra Leone.

                                                                           14 September, 2023.



Dear Sir/Madam

14 September

Dear Sir/Madam,


        I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude for sponsoring my education. I am thrilled and honored to be selected as a recipient of your generosity. Your support has given me the opportunity to pursue my educational goals without any financial burden.


        Your sponsorship has not only provided me with the necessary funds to continue my education but also given me the confidence and motivation to strive for excellence. The knowledge and skills I am gaining from my education will have a profound impact on my future, and I am excited to put them to use in my career.


        I promise to work hard and dedicate myself to my studies so that I can make the most of this opportunity. I will do my best to represent your generosity with the utmost respect and gratitude.


       Most importantly, sooner or later i will attach or send my final grade point as soon as they are release by the college(University of Makeni).


        Once again, thank you for your support and investment in my education. Your contribution will make a significant difference in my life, and I am truly grateful for it.



                                           Mary Magdalene Bob Lahai.



Letter of Introduction Sept 2021


Update September 2022

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