Sheffield Half Marathon

To my Church Family 
I just wanted to write and say thank you for all the support shown for the event on Sunday. The crowd support is just brilliant and gets you up “the big hill” and at Banner Cross we’re getting a bit of a name for serving lovely refreshments. Hazel says you raised nearly £90 for our Magdalene fund! Amazing 👏.
I can confirm that 13.1 miles is a long way! 
But 3rd time lucky - I completed my first Half Marathon! In March 2020 I was ready, when the Pandemic hit and it was cancelled. When it was deferred to last September I absolutely wasn’t ready after losing our dog and then Caroline leaving in the weeks just before. My broken heart just wasn’t in the training and sadly I had to pull out. 
I couldn’t tell exactly who was outside church on Sunday and some of you helped me by praying and sending messages. I want to tell you that although, as I expected I wasn’t fast, I felt calm ALL the time - even on the start line - and I can so easily start panic breathing and lose focus. I was just delighted to come in in 2:58:30. At least an hour longer than Amelia and Kurt, and Amy Pollard!  But hey, it was still Sunday and no ambulance was needed!
It was a great event to take part in. The atmosphere around the course is so supportive and the parts at the top where people can’t drive to, are peaceful and serene. I used that peace to remember my lovely Mum and Joan on M’s Day.
It’s the first event I’ve been in when I haven’t raised funds but hope you can forgive me, I just worried about not being capable even though I’d put the work in. A few weeks ago Brian helped me with the maths - and I’d have been lucky to complete in 3 1/2 hours so improved a bit more since then. I didn’t even tell many of my running friends I was doing it as I’m the oldest and slowest in my club  - they call me Run Mum! 
Chris Rowe
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