Minutes of Eco Meeting 4th July 2023

In attendance: Tim- Chair, Yvonne, Stewart, Ann B., Hazel, Alison, Andrea, Linda P. and Lorna.

Apologies: Jackie, Paula, Janet and Chris B.

The group first made a tour of the different areas of the church grounds to familiarise themselves with the different garden areas in order to make a plan of action.

Following the recent resignations of two previously committed members of the Eco group there was an initial discussion as to the way forward owing to the present lack of manpower. There was extensive praise for Andrew for his hours of work in many areas of the garden and his endeavours to encourage wild life therein. Following Sean’s resignation, a new person will be needed to be employed to mow the grass only but it was thought that eventually a more experienced gardener might be needed.

Wild Flower Meadow and Seating.

The plan is to cut the grass and turf the area with wild flowers in the autumn. Three fixed logs and a picnic table are to be placed in the middle area. It was recognised by the group that this may cause some scuffing and wearing of the grass leading to muddy patches in wet weather but bark chippings or hard standing could be put down if the hoped for use of the area took place. It was thought that signage by the dead hedge and in the wild bed would explain the group’s intention to attract wild life. It is hoped that the water feature will be of benefit to wild life and as it the group’s intention that it is to be small and shallow and therefore will neither be a danger to life or require maintenance (only the occasional topping up with water in dry weather.)

The Side Allotment

Owing to lack of manpower this year and the difficulty incurred by using peat free compost the crops on the allotment have been less abundant. A suggestion was made that The Brownies or Guides might like to adopt the two raised beds.

The Access from Glenalmond Road

It was suggested that some gates might be placed here and maybe some hexagonal matting laid. It is still not clear if the railings are indeed listed .


1.Check on cost of wildflower turf. It was previously £20 per square metre.

2.Decide on wording for signage and make or buy good quality signage.

3.Employ someone to mow the grass with a view to employing an experienced gardener at some point.

4.Go back to church council for the approval of the water feature and the fixed log and bench seating.

5.Ask property Committee for permission to take out a section of the railings.

6.Approach local businesses about sponsorship of seating in garden.

7.Approach the Brownies and Guides to see if they would like to be involved in any aspect of the garden. They might choose the wording of the new signage or sponsor a raised bed.

8.Send a letter of thanks to Andrew for his hours of work in the garden.

9. Make a date for a garden working party day.


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