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Eco Activities

Money, the environment and craftivism
Monday 10th May, 19:30-21:00
In 2021 the Leeds Craftivists are focusing on Climate Change ahead of COP26 in November. In May we will be talking about the tricky issue of money! Join us on Monday 10th May, 7.30-9pm for learning, discussing and creating together.
We will be looking at how money intersects with Climate Change. From the macro, the global picture, all the way to the micro, what decisions we have a the power to make with our money.
We will be using our creativity to encourage and thank banks who are making good decisions for the planet, as well as asking those who do invest in fossil fuels to stop for the sake of the planet.
We are also encouraging groups and individuals across the city to create their own green hearts to send to people in power. Find more about the whole campaign here.
Other Craftivism resources below
Small group resource: https://leedsmethodistmission.co.uk/2021/01/27/leeds-green-heart-campaign-2021/
Church service template: https://leedsmethodistmission.co.uk/2021/03/25/green-hearts-climate-sunday/
Young people’s resource: https://leedsmethodistmission.co.uk/2021/02/17/leeds-green-hearts-campaign-2021-youth-resource/
Eco Church Festival with ‘Churches Count on Nature’ 2021
Saturday 12 June 2021, 9:30- 13;30
The Eco Church Festival with ‘Churches Count on Nature’ 2021 opens online on Saturday 12th June 2021 at 9am, and is hosted by Sheffield Diocese. The programme runs from 9:30am-1:30pm with a break and will include sessions for children and young people. There will then be an opportunity until 2pm to chat over lunch in breakout rooms and visit the virtual bookshop.
Sheila Verity
Wishing you a Blessed Easter and the Peace of the Risen Christ
If you spot me in the local area, do say hello!
https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/climate-change-the-science - two free courses from Exeter University
https://www.wearepossible.org/ - the website of this charity has a lot of simple explanations and possible actions
The course has made me want to become better informed, so I'm sharing a couple of links that I've found, in case anyone else might be interested in them:
I just want to thank you for letting me participate in your Lent group - it was great to explore the topic of climate change in a friendly and welcoming group. You are obviously going to carry things forward in your Eco group, and I've decided it's not so appropriate for me to join that - but as I get more into the life of St William's I hope to find some like-minded people who are interested in environmental issues. If you do any local actions, eg recycling or litter-picking, do let me know.

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