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Updated 8th April 2021


Hope in the Time of Coronavirus


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

NIV Jeremiah ch 29 v 11


and the well-known passage from Romans ch 5, vs 4-5:


Endurance produces character, and character produces hope,

and hope does not disappoint us ….


Almighty God, give us true faith and make that faith grow in us daily. Give us hope and love, so that we may serve our neighbours according to your will; through your risen Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.



Some quotes about hope follow – heard on TV on the National Day of Reflection, 23rd March 2021


We will be with our friends again.  We will be with our family again.  We will meet again.

HM, Queen Elizabeth II


There is an enormous cross of hope in the nave of Winchester Cathedral made of grass and filled with flowers to remind people of sacrifice, change, pain and hope, and to mark the National Day of Reflection in memory of those who have died during the Covid-19 pandemic.   


Hope’ came in small bottles … of sunshine (re vials of vaccines)


In these times we need love and light …. And a little bit of hope.


Let’s build a better society built on the good things we’ve learned in adversity.  Praying for a sense of community to grow.  Jesus rose from the dead.  Death is a liar. Life overcomes.  Something calls us to be spiritual and eternal … to build something of hope

The Most Revd Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury



Banner Cross news


NCH Action for Children

We have collected £848.13 for NCH Action for Children. This is in fact more than last year's amount which was £771.72.

Thanks to all our contributors.

Jean Sampson and Ann Barker

Zoom Training

Alison, Janet & I attended a Zoom Training session with Katrin Hackett on Wednesday 24th March. It was excellent.

Here are a couple of tips.

Add a personal picture to your profile. This will then show when video is paused. Cool. 

See below the screen to access


United Reform Church have produced some excellent guides including Zoom Meetings

Link to URC guides

More tips next week 




Sheffield Carers Centre

The centre provides a monthly newsletter.

The link below takes you to a new guide to help carers and those they care for maintain social connections during a time of physical distancing.

link to guide click here


Sheffield S6 Foodbank

I visited the Foodbank on Tuesday, it's an incredible set up. Because of the demand they are now buying in bulk which means they are able to get a better deal. It also means if anyone wants to donate money that would be very helpful. Their buying power means they get more for their money.

So you can donate via Just Giving

S6 Foodbank Donations

Or send a one off gift to

S6 Foodbank,

St Thomas Church,

Philadelphia campus,

6 Gilpin Street,


S6 3BL


If you have products for collection, let one of the Leadership team know.

Thank you 


Link here to there website with more details of how to help. The site is regularly updated with details of the items they are most in need of.


Saturday Prayers Rota

Link here


Poetry Group 

The Poetry Group will be meeting via Zoom on Friday 9th April at 2.15 pm.  Contact Janet Southgate, Chris Rowe or Alison Russell if you would like to take part.



The Stopper's There……


 I've lost my hot water bottle

Wherever can it be?

The stopper's there, in its usual place

But the bottle I cannot see.


I keep it in the airing cupboard,

But obviously not today!

The stopper's there, in its usual place,

But the bottle's not – no way.


I need it for my back you see,

It's a bit niggly now and then.

The hot water bottle's what’s needed,

I'll just go and fill it again.


I've searched kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

And the airing cupboard too.

The stopper's there, in its usual place

But the bottle? I haven't a clue!


I'm getting really frustrated now,

Back's aching, I'm ready to wilt.

It's half past three, and if I'd made my bed earlier

I'd have found it rolled up in the quilt.


Well, the bottle won't work with no stopper,

It's a lesson to you and me.

Whether we're the bottle or the stopper,

We all need each other, you see.


Janet Southgate

                                                              Link to all Poetry



The Gospel According to Brian's Class

Link to recent articles


Holy Habits

Link to Holy Habits recent articles



Link to Circuit website

For news & articles from the wider circuit




The Archer Project is in need of a continuing supply of Pot Noodles, tinned fish or fruit with ring pulls and breakfast cereals. Don’t forget to support the Food Bank with an extra item when you do your shopping. Please donate unwanted clean clothing/shoes/blankets/sleeping bags to Ben’s Centre via Alan Brailey.

Thank you for your continued support to all these charities.

Coronavirus Guidance

See link below to Methodist Church Guidance, resources & latest guidance.

Link to letter from Greg Fell Director of Public Health, Sheffield

Link to Guidance


Coronavirus & Pastoral Care At this time please be aware of any vulnerable people & help in any way we can. If you feel vulnerable or anxious PLEASE contact someone from church. We are here to help. 

Link to Dementia Support during the Crisis - from Sheffield Directory


Lectionary. For the next 3 weeks can be found at 


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