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Letters from Tim

A huge thank you to all those who helped to make our first service in church a success. It was different, but we met together, we worshipped and there was a buoyant feeling afterwards. 

At the leadership meeting this week we reflected that there are many positives to build on and our feeling is that we should move towards weekly gatherings beginning on 20th September.  This will depend on willing volunteers to help with all the tasks.

As time goes on we will probably need fewer people to shepherd or direct people around the church. We also feel that although the one-way system is required to come into church and to get to a seat, after the service we can reverse the direction and exit the way we came in. This avoids using the steps, which is a risk for some.

So how can you help?  To meet each week, we will need to produce the service ourselves as there is currently no circuit plan. 

So we will need:     1 people willing to prepare worship and to lead it each week.

     2 The sound system operated.

     3 The projectors need operating and projection material has to be put together.

4 Track and Trace – someone needs to tick off who is present each week, lists are provided.

     5 Readers to read lessons

     6 People to lead intercessions or other prayers.

     7 People to welcome and help people to a seat.

If you are willing to offer in any of these roles, please let Hazel Harrison 07529146636  Hazelharrison56@hotmail.com  know by Monday 14th September so that we can begin to plan ahead. 

Many thanks to you all, together we will find a way.

Peace                  Tim

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