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Letters from Tim

Dear friends,

As we begin to meet each Sunday from 20th September, we are putting together lists of those who have offered to assist in making the services happen. Do please offer if you are able.  As I indicated last week, we are reflecting and making necessary adjustments as we go forward. So please be patient and alert to these.

Also, please be aware that just because we will begin to get used to meeting, doesn’t mean that we should become complacent about distancing ourselves and wearing our masks appropriately.

We are still sending out these letters and the worship material each week because not everyone is able or confident about coming to church. So please do keep up your valuable work in contacting each other and offering love and support.

Just to let you know that our caretaker Mandy is recovering from her broken ankle, but will be off sick for a long while. We are pleased that Cas Levins, is covering some of her work in the meantime.  Thanks to her.

I began to look ahead a little this week in the life of our church.  It is too early to say yet, but I wonder how we might mark some of the significant services in the coming months.  We will try a harvest theme on 11th October, Remembrance Sunday will be on 8th November. Christmas will be very interesting.  Carol Service without singing! Christingle with social distancing!!

Maybe there may be some changes in what we are able to do by then, but we do have opportunities to look at things afresh, with new eyes. How might we celebrate such significant aspects of God coming to us in Jesus, if we have to do it differently? I wonder.



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