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Letters from Tim

Dear friends,

I guess that many of us spent the beginning of the week anxiously waiting to see what new government measures to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus would be announced by the. As far as church is concerned, we are permitted to continue to meet for worship and other risk assessed activities.

However, it is a stark reminder of the need to make the social distancing, the wearing of masks, washing hands and not putting ourselves, or others, at risk at the forefront of our everyday living.

I am reminded of the words of Jesus calling us to be as: ‘wise as serpents, and gentle as doves’ (Matthew 10:16).   The context is the engagement of the disciples in mission, going out to others to share the news of the Kingdom of God.

It was clear that this would lead to opposition and persecution and Jesus’ words basically say: ‘Have your wits about you, but don’t let your behaviour or attitude antagonise.’

In the face of the rapid increase in the rates of infections, in the face of those who do not take the need to socially distance seriously, in the face of those who don’t like to be told what to do and how to behave, we are called as a church and as individuals, to not only be alert, but to be alert and aware with firm grace, consistent gentleness and quiet confidence.

Grace and gentleness are qualities which reflect and communicate God’s approach to us.  Confidence is our response and faith in God. ‘Confide’ means ‘to have faith in’.  Our faith is in God, who is with us come what may. Our faith is in God who leads us through whatever comes. Our faith is in God who gives us a bigger, wider perspective. Our faith is in God who comes to us, transforms us and brings us hope.



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