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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

Living under the possibility of local lockdown is not an easy place to be. Let us hope and pray that it can be avoided, remembering especially those in the universities where infection rates are very volatile, and staff a students are trying to do education in trying circumstances.

If there is another lockdown, this doesn’t mean that our services on a Sunday would have to stop, unless the rules change. While we take our Covid safety measures seriously, we should be able to continue. 

Some of our groups and activities have been asking whether they can restart. The answer is that each groups needs to produce their own Risk Assessment for their activity. This should indicate how, when and where they will operate, how they will ensure that the appropriate cleaning is carried out and so on.

This ensures that responsibility for the safety of all participants is owned by the group and that the relationship between that group and other groups is appreciated. The Risk Assessments are looked at by the property committee for approval.

Looking ahead to Christmas. It is important that we find ways to decorate the church. Whilst the usual large tree is not possible to decorate and keep away from prying hands, I am sure that windowsills, walls, and other things could be made appropriately festive.  Is anyone willing to facilitate a small group to decorate the church in a safe way?  Please let one of the leadership team know.

We are also doing some thinking about how we might do something in the place of Christingles. Brian has been doing some thinking around this. Any ideas are welcome. 

This coming Sunday is our Harvest and we will be collecting non-perishable goods for the foodbank.




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