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Letters from Tim

This reflection was written by The Rev Dr Paul Glass Chaplain at Kent College Canterbury

Matthew 13. 24-30, 36-43    Weeds and Wheat - the reflection of an angry person


You know I’m glad this parable has come up - because I have to tell you I can see a lot of life’s weeds at the moment. Take the family at number 22. I am absolutely sure they had a party during lockdown. I could hear the music six doors down…outrageous. And then there’s all the local kids. They’ve never even heard of social distancing…hanging out on their bikes all day long. And don’t even get me started on the crowds flocking to the local beaches on hot days. Drunken punch ups, litter everywhere. Have they got no sense at all? It just makes me so angry.

In fact, I have to tell you I spend a lot of time being angry at the moment. It bubbles up and roils around in my brain and it leaks out in words and looks and actions. I’m angry about so many things. Reality TV shows and bad driving and politicians and selfish people and twitter…all I seem to be able to see are the weeds. And it’s not even as if I enjoy being cross - I mean I know there some people who do but I don’t. It twists up my insides and makes me feel ill. You know that saying about not being able to see the wood for the trees? My problem is that I can’t see the wheat for the weeds.

And there is wheat. Lots and lots of wheat. And I need to start doing a better job of lifting my head up and seeing it. Families doing their best to get by in tough times. Millions upon millions of acts of kindness and care. I take far too much time pointing to the signs of selfishness around me and far too little time pointing out the signs of the kingdom. And there are lots of kingdom signs that I see…everyday. It is not as if I have to look too hard. My neighbour who spent all of lockdown doing the shopping for Mr. Jones at number 8 who can’t get out and doesn’t have a computer to do his shopping online. We’ve been checking up on each other to make sure that we’re all okay. Anybody who has needed something has been inundated with offers. When Betty at number 15 came back from hospital four weeks ago we all stood outside our front doors and applauded. I had tears in my eyes.

So there are weeds - of course there are. But there is also wheat. Lots and lots of wheat. Signs of the kingdom bursting out every day. Signs to be pointed out and celebrated. To be cherished, shared, given weight and significance. But most important signs to be acted out myself as I choose to be wheat to the world.

Peace                  Tim

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