Last One Out

Please check toilets and all rooms to ensure:

There is no one left inside and windows are secure
All equipment is disconnected and stored away securely
Radiators or electric or gas heating equipment is disconnected or switched OFF
Kitchen equipment is switched OFF, electrical plugs REMOVED and safety plugs INSERTED

Please check the Church to ensure that:

PA and other equipment is switched OFF and stored away securely
If the Church has a lift, it is returned to the correct ‘parking’ position and motor and light(s) are OFF
Musical instruments / equipment are unplugged and stored securely
Organ and blower are switched OFF
The Collection or other money has been BANKED OR LOCKED AWAY
Any Fire Doors are CLOSED
All lights are switched OFF
Alarm systems have been ACTIVATED

And finally:

Ensure all ENTRANCE and EXIT doors / gates are locked
Switch OFF final light and LOCK the EXIT door
When leaving the Church PLEASE LOOK BACK to double check that all windows have been SECURED and lights are OFF

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Page last updated: 18th November 2010 8:45 AM