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Mission Statement

Banner Cross Methodist Church:

Mission Statement BannerSharing God’s Love



Showing God’s Truth



Serving God’s People


These are more than words. On the one hand, they are descriptive snapshot of what we already do as followers of Jesus. As you reflect upon your own discipleship, can you visualize yourself answering God’s call in one or more of these three ways? Week in and week out, the people of Banner Cross Methodist Church do do this.

On the other hand, the words remain a lofty challenge held before us, a reminder that no matter how much we presently do, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus assures us that we can go on to do much better things for God. How else could we be sharing God’s love? In what more helpful ways might we be showing God’s truth? Where are the gaps in which we’re not yet serving God’s people as effectively as we might?

Our new mission statement must live as more than words on the page. It needs to be held in the forefront of our minds and buried deep in the depths of our hearts. Sharing God’s Love, Showing God’s Truth, and Serving God’s People ought to be the standard by which we judge everything we have done, are doing, and intend to do. This is our purpose. This is our life, together, in imitation of Christ.

With his living presence here among us, his grace washing over us, and his love urging us on, we can and will fulfill his mission. Sharing God’s Love, Showing God’s Truth, Serving God’s People. These three guides for our life and work together serve as one expression of our desire to live as disciples of Christ. As we reflect upon Christ’s coming and the advent of God’s Kingdom that his life, death, resurrection, and return all signify, may these three standards for all that we say and do help ensure that in us, the people of Banner Cross, the wider world may know with greater confidence and hope the Advent of Jesus, who is the Christ.

Rev. Robert Lewis

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