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Dear Friends,

There was an article in the Guardian newspaper this week:

‘A quarter of adults in the UK have watched or listened to a religious service since the coronavirus lockdown began, and one in 20 have started praying during the crisis, according to a new survey. The findings of the poll reinforce indications of an increase in the numbers of people turning to faith for succour amid uncertainty and despair.

The Church of England has said that unexpectedly high numbers of people are tuning into online or broadcast services, and 6,000 people phoned a prayer hotline in its first 48 hours of operation. Other faiths have also reported surges in people engaging with online religious activities as places of worship have been closed during the lockdown.

The survey of more than 2,000 people, commissioned by the Christian aid agency Tearfund and carried out last weekend, found that a third of young adults aged between 18 and 34 had watched or listened to an online or broadcast religious service, compared with one in five adults over the age of 55. One in five of those who have tuned into services in the past few weeks say they have never gone to church.’

Maybe this is one of our future challenges as churches, to have a digital presence to which people can access, in their own time and convenience.

In the time of the early church, Paul and the apostles took advantage of the super highways of the Roman Road system to spread the news of Jesus. The super digital highway of the internet gives access into homes and devices wherever people are. However we emerge from the pandemic, we will not be the same; this is the challenge and opportunity for the people of the resurrection.

Peace    Tim

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